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What is the global partnership?

Help others discover amazing B&Bs

Make travel your life

How to work with us

You can choose any of the following options

B&B Recommendation:Find the best B&Bs, and receive a reward after getting approved

(available to apply with B&B Management)

We just need you to:

1)Register as a bnbtrip user

2)Visit B&Bs, and list them on our platform with permission from the host

3)Ensure that the information provided is updated and correct.

Each listing will be rewarded!

B&B Management:An extra reward would be send to you each booking

(available to apply with B&B Recommendation)

we just need you to:

1)Register as a bnbtrip user

2)Maintain a good connection with the host and help the host to do better

3)Have the passion to help travellers during their stay

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bnbtrip global partner project

I’m a Korean working for the insurance industry. I live in Seoul, and found out bnbtrip online. I was interested and joined the group, and met many amazing people with unique backgrounds with whom I learned much from. I recommended some interesting Korean B&Bs with wonderful and immersive aspects, in which travellers could fully experience the local cultures. I too enjoy this style of travel, and once I have earned enough, I would embark on a journey of my own.
I live in Paris. I love to travel and have visited more than 30 Countries. France is an excellent source for B&Bs, with many chateaux, vineyards, ski resorts, and village homesteads ready to receive guests from around the world. I’m happy to join bnbtrip as a global partner , recommend everyone the best B&Bs I know. I love dedicating a part of my life to travels and living among others with different backgrounds to discover a different kind of life. I am very glad to be a part of the bnbtrip platform, and share my knowledge of air B&B with everyone.
I’m Irish. Irish culture is generally known for the atmosphere of freedom and enthusiasm. I’m glad to have the opportunity to recommend some interesting B&Bs. As a student, I love traveling around in my spare time, and have an excellent experience of journeying in Europe and means of living at a place. Many beautiful places of the world do not have hotels, as such I love living among the locals and experience life as they do. I hope more and more people will be accustomed this new idea of travelling and become deeply engaged with the local cultures.
Before emigrating to Australia, I have been working at a foreign company in China. As a housewife, I needed to look after my family, and thus needed to always stay at home. I’m glad to find this part-time job, as now I can utilize my skills and experience to the fullest while taking care of my family. After meeting with many interesting people and witnessing their love for traveling, I am proud to have contributed in the making of their memorable experiences.